Master Creative Momentum

Congratulations to Bubba Watson for winning his second green jacket having won the 2014 Masters tournament this past weekend. If you had the opportunity to watch any of the tournament coverage, you know that Bubba’s demeanor and style of play was nothing short of admirable and inspirational. The 35-year-old veteran was calm under pressure and was intent on playing his own golf game, even when most would have pulled back the reins during his Sunday approach on fifteen. With a three shot lead and 190 yards away, rather than laying up, Bubba hit a knock-down 6 iron through the trees that landed just off the backside green. A gaMasters 2014sp came over the crowd, the commentators and even Bubba’s closest competitor playing along side of him, Jordan Spieth and his caddy Michael Greller. “We were shocked,” said Greller. “We were watching him over there and were both like, “What in the world is Bubba doing?”

When you’re playing solid golf, don’t let risk drive your decisions. For Bubba, it made sense to keep grinding away, it’s what he does best. And it worked. That’s “Bubba Golf”.

Much can be said for creative successes in the workplace. If you’re performing at an optimum level, and your creative decisions continue to pay dividends, does it make sense to begin taking a more conservative approach? Take advantage of your creative momentum… you may not be awarded the green jacket, but your competitors will be green with envoy.

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